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Opening Hours

AIRPORT, Santorini 6am – 9pm
MEDHOME, Kos 10am – 2pm
KOLIMBIA, Rhodes 8am – 9pm
PLIMMIRI, Rhodes 8am – 10pm
7pm – 9pm

Testing Location

Want to know your infection status

Some of our visitors want to get tested without displaying symptoms.

You are a contact person

If you have been in contact with an infected individual, you can choose to take an antigen rapid test or PCR test.

You have symptoms

We are happy to help you determine your current infection status. You can do this using either of our two test options.

Visiting friends or family

In addition to practicing social distancing measures, you want to determine your current infection status before paying a visit.


Some countries and airlines require current antigen rapid or PCR test results prior to entry. Be sure to check current requirements and restrictions for your destination.

Visits to nursing homes or hospitals

When planning to visit family or friends in hospitals or nursing homes, it can be helpful to determine one’s own infection status.